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Jack Dee Live And Uncut 1999

Jack Dee Live And Uncut

HD 7.8 min
Filmed at London's Gielgud Theatre at the culmination of his 1998 tour, Jack Dee Live and Uncut puts the UK's favourite "whinger" in his element--on a stage performing stand-up comedy. Dee has presence in his orange shirt and tailored blue suit, but although he's derogatory about himself--he's a stay-at-home man, he's short, he's fat--he's also unapologetic. Dee isn't afraid to throw harsh words at his audience or swear like the proverbial navvy along with an onslaught of observational humour. He doesn't go in for surrealism, one-liners or complex structural payoffs. He prefers to tackle one subject at a time, explore it, then move on. His themes are universal rather than original but he usually brings a fresh perspective. Take builders… he puts himself at the centre of their Neanderthal attentions rather than women.
Country: United Kingdom,
Genre: Comedy,
Release: 1999-12-30
Original Title: Jack Dee Live And Uncut
Language: EN
Cast: Jack Dee,


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