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The Fabulous Baron Munchausen 1962

The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

HD 7.3 83 min
The 20th century's first man lands on the moon and discovers - that Baron Munchausen has already beaten him to it, along with Cyrano and characters from Jules Verne's lunar-landing novel. The Baron spirits the young cosmonaut by horse-drawn ship back to an ancient "Earth", where they insult a sultan, rescue a princess, fall in love with the princess, and then as a trio have further experiences in a world of pastel colors, ornate dreamlike settings, and the inevitable angry disrupters of peacefulness and love.
Country: Czechoslovakia,
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure,
Release: 1962-09-21
Original Title: Baron Prášil
Language: CS
Director: Karel Zeman


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The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

1962 83 min Movie